Green Lifestyle & Benefits

The Solaire sets the standard for green living, reducing the negative impact on the environment while enhancing the lives of its residences. Here’s how:

Indoor Air Quality

  • Fresh filtered air, continuously humidified or de-humidified depending on climate conditions. 
  • Year-round heating and quiet cooling controlled by digital programmable thermostats.
  • Vapor and air barrier minimizes random air infiltration.
  • Building materials and paints with low of no off-gassing.
  • 24/7 exhaust in every bath and kitchen.

Water Quality and Conservation

  • Central water filtration system for entire building.
  • Refrigerators contain double filtered drinking water and ice dispensers with secondary filtration.
  • Waste water and storm water reuse system provides water for toilet flushing, landscape irrigation and cooling towers
  • 50% reduction in potable water use vs. a traditional building of comparable size.


  • Energy conserving building design that’s 35% more energy efficient than code requires, resulting in a 67% lower electricity demand during peak hours.
  • Substantial utility savings for residents
  • Photovoltaic panels incorporated into the building’s façade which convert sunlight to electricity.
  • Computerized building management system monitors and controls all systems
  • Energy star appliances installed in every apartment to ensure maximum energy efficiency.


  • Pesticide-free rooftop garden providing natural insulation for building.
  • Natural gas fed central heating and cooling system free of ozone depleting refrigerants.
  • Onsite bicycle storage area.
  • Environmentally responsible operating and maintenance practices