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Green Story - The Solaire


The Solaire

Raising the bar for green living

The Solaire is America’s first green residential high-rise and offers in-residence MERV-14 filtered and conditioned fresh air, filtered water, photovoltaic panels on the façade, planted roofs, a rainwater retention system, and a water reclamation system. In addition, The Solaire is now targeting WELL Building certification, further enhancing the commitment to sustainability and healthy living

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Green Building - Air
  • 1. Fresh air brought to each home has been centrally filtered to remove upwards of 95% of particulates and air is then filtered again once inside the home.


  • 2. Exhaust systems in kitchens and bathrooms have been carefully crafted to provide constant airflow exchange that keeps air fresh and clean.


  • 3. Clean air is perfectly humidified and dehumidified throughout each season.


  • 4. Building materials are sourced sustainably and are low in potentially harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which can lead to indoor air pollution over time.


  • 5. The four-pipe fan coil heating and cooling system provides residents with year-round heating and cooling. The Solaire’s rooftop cooling tower utilizes reclaimed and processed water that is treated by an on-site blackwater reuse system.


Green Building - Water
  • 1. The lush rooftop botanical and organic herb gardens are sustained by a 10,000 gallon rainwater retention system, which also helps minimize water runoff onto the sidewalks and streets.


    The Solaire’s stormwater reuse system is used to irrigate the 19th floor residential roof terrace and urban garden, the extensive rooftop garden and the local parks.


  • 2. The Solaire features a wastewater reuse system that processes 25,000 gallons of water a day which is used for water closets and cooling tower makeup. The Solaire’s on-site wastewater treatment facility is the first in the nation to be built inside a multi-family residential building.

  • 3. Water at The Solaire is filtered through a multi-media filter that consists of 7 layers of media that include activated carbon that filters particles down to 10 microns.


    Vigilant water conservation strategies allow The Solaire to consume 50 percent less potable water than a traditional building of comparable size.

Green Building - Light
  • 1. Oversized, double pane floor-to-ceiling casement windows with Low-E coating provide 33% more natural light and reduce heat loss


    Meticulously constructed and exceptionally sealed window walls eliminate drafts while providing excellent noise attenuation.


  • 2. The Solaire’s western and southern façades are clad with over 3,400 sq. ft. of photovoltaic (PV) panels made from 100% recycled content. These panels harness the power of the sun to produce solar energy, reducing The Solaire’s energy requirements.


  • 3. Energy efficient appliances, daylight dimming features and programmable thermostats, work in tandem to reduce energy needs while yielding optimal function and convenience.


    Every home at The Solaire enjoys a vast reduction in utility costs afforded by the energy efficient designs of lighting, appliances, windows, integrated master switch technology and the highly engineered heating and cooling systems.


Green Building - Earth
  • 1. The planted green roof oxygenates the atmosphere while absorbing carbon dioxide and insulating the building to reduce the urban heat island effect.


  • 2. The Solaire, the first multi-family residential Gold Certified building in North America, is constructed from more than 50% recycled material.


  • 3. Materials for the hardwood flooring, cabinetry and woodwork are sourced with special attention to sustainable forestry.


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